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We are offering first-level services to our clients for their successful Structured Finance.

Structured Finance Service team of Daemyung Grant Thornton is supplying professional and differentiated services for our clients' successful Structured Finance with extensive practical experience and various due diligence, evaluation and diagnostic services. Especially, since ABS was introduced to Korea in Sep, 1998, we are providing top rank services of due diligence, evaluation, assurance service for many ABS and SPC companies. Daemyung Grant Thornton's best professionals and its continuous tradition of offering ABS services will surely be key contributing factors to our clients' success.

Daemyung Grant Thornton will be your most reliable business partner, with professionals and their expertise & profound experience, establishing perfect solutions to business difficulties you may encounter and helping you devise successful counterplans.

Daemyung Grant Thornton's Structured Finance related services are as follows:

    SPC audit

    • Statutory audit
    • Voluntary audit
    • Special purpose audit
    • Review on financial statements

    Due diligence, assessment services

    • Due diligence on ABS
    • Assessment of ABS

    SPC tax return

    • Tax adjustment for bookclosing
    • Various tax related services

    Advice related with ABS

    • Accounting and tax advice related with issuance of ABS
    • Accounting and tax advice related with SPC

    SPC dissolution & liquidation

    • Tax advice on SPC dissolution and liquidation
    • Tax reporting preparation on SPC dissolution and liquidation